Do I Need to Have My Entire Home Rewired?

Do I Need to Have My Entire Home Rewired?

Over time, your home may experience electrical issues related to wiring. These concerns shouldn’t be ignored as they can put your property in danger, including putting it at risk of a fire. To better gauge whether it’s time to rewire your home, it helps to be familiar with some of the telltale signs. We’ve put together a few indicators that your Indiana home is due for rewiring:

Flickering lights

In most cases, flickering lights indicate that your light bulbs need to be changed. But if that doesn’t do the trick, you may be dealing with faulty wiring. This raises the risk of a house fire, so make sure to call a licensed electrician immediately. They’ll get to the root cause of your electrical concerns, addressing issues like deteriorated wires and outdated wiring (e.g. knob-and-tube wiring common in the 1940s).

Marks around sockets and switches

Discoloration around sockets and switches is an indicator of loose or worn-out connections, resulting in an arc. This sudden spark of electricity can cause your components to overheat, potentially starting a fire. If you notice that your sockets are starting to look brown, that may be a sign that your home needs rewiring.

Burning smells

Another indicator that problems may be occurring within your outlets is a burning smell. This is a serious issue that shouldn’t be ignored, as it may be a sign of overheating due to overloaded circuits, short circuits, or arcing. The moment you notice even the faintest smell, shut off that outlet from the main panel and contact an electrician.

Circuit breaker is constantly tripping

Circuit breakers are supposed to trip. They do this to protect your home and appliances in case of an overload, or when too many devices draw electricity at the same time, overwhelming the circuit.

But when it trips too often, that may be a sign that it can’t handle the current running through it. In other words, it can’t cater to your home’s daily electrical demands. To address this, you may need to have your whole home rewired.

Sparking outlets

Do your outlets produce a spark each time you connect an appliance? This could be a sign that your outlet is experiencing a short circuit—this is when the current flows through a path it wasn’t supposed to take. When this occurs, do not proceed to plug in the appliance. Disable it from your home’s main panel by turning off the breaker and call a local electrician as soon as possible.

Electric shocks when connecting appliances

No, it’s not normal to get a shock when you plug appliances into outlets! It can cause numbness, memory loss, burns, and in some cases, death. So the moment you feel even the slightest tingle when you plug an appliance in, call your local electrician. Electric shocks, albeit “bearable” at times, can be deadly.

Older home

Construction codes today aren’t the same as they once were. If your home was built 40-50 years ago, its wiring may no longer be deemed safe according to today’s standards. To steer clear of potentially life-threatening concerns, have your property inspected ASAP. Local electricians will ensure it complies with codes, while ensuring it meets your home’s electrical needs.

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