Why You Should Always Hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor

Why You Should Always Hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor

Homeowners often hesitate to hire a licensed electrician because they’re worried about the cost. What they don’t realize, though, is that electrical projects can’t be DIY-ed due to the dangers involved. When homeowners hire an unlicensed electrician, they end up with faulty wiring or worse -- fried appliances. As a result, they end up spending so much more.

How do electricians become licensed?

In the U.S., electricians need to pass the electrical licensing examination. The exam covers the National Electrical Code, a set of rules and regulations on the installation of wiring, operation of specialized equipment, and so on. Aside from the exam, budding electricians need to obtain work experience for three to six years. It’s worth mentioning that requirements are different from state to state, so be sure to double-check to confirm if your electrician has the necessary certifications.

Why should you hire a licensed electrician?

#1 They can receive a permit

You’re probably unaware that you have to obtain permits before you can conduct electrical work such as rewiring your home. Unfortunately, DIY-ers don’t qualify to apply for these permits, and neither do unlicensed electricians. Only a licensed electrical company can apply for permits on your behalf.

Plus, when selling your home, you’ll need to pass an electrical inspection. There’s a chance that you’ll fail this inspection if your past electrical projects were carried out by an unlicensed electrician.

#2 They put safety first

Licensed electricians are aware of the dangers of working with wires and electrical equipment. They know that they shouldn’t be working around young children and pets, among others. To steer clear of the risks, they strictly comply with industry-standard safety regulations for residential and commercial areas.

#3 They can save you time and money

Are your lightbulbs flickering even after replacing them? It might be an issue with the connections or circuits. While there are things that you can DIY, you should leave the serious stuff to licensed electricians.

Licensed electrician contractors understand the inner workings of circuits. This means they can get to the root of the problem to prevent it from recurring. It’s better to hire someone who can fix the issue permanently, instead of having to replace one or two components each month.

#4 They can offer expert advice

Unlicensed electrical contractors don’t have the experience and expertise. They’ll simply do the job for the sake of doing it. A licensed electrical contractor, on the other hand, can offer a wealth of knowledge. Aside from fixing your electrical systems, they’ll also offer their professional opinion when it comes to the energy efficiency and safety of your home. You’ll get free advice!

The bottom line

There’s only one type of electrician that you should hire -- a licensed one. Even if unlicensed electricians are cheaper, would you really risk putting yourself and your family at risk? Licensed electricians have the skills and experience to safely handle your home’s electrical systems. Leave the work to people who actually know what they’re doing.