Mini-Split HVAC System

What's a Mini-Split HVAC System?

Pros of Ductless HVAC Systems

Mini-split HVAC systems are also known as ductless HVAC systems. They are more flexible than standard types of cooling and heating systems, since they can be installed virtually anywhere, without the need for complicated ductwork. Mini-split HVAC units function independently, making them ideal for homes and offices with many small rooms.

How does a mini-split HVAC system work?

Ductless air conditioners work like central air conditioners but unlike central HVAC systems, mini-split HVAC systems return cool air directly into the room. The main difference is that traditional HVAC systems use a complex network of air ducts to heat and cool your home. A mini-split or ductless system utilizes compact air handlers in each zone, reducing the time and energy required for heating and cooling.

Here’s how they work:

1. The indoor unit features a blower and evaporator, which it uses to pull warm air out and blow cold air in.

2. The outdoor unit has a condenser that releases captured heat to the outside world.

3. A conduit powers the two units and sends the heat collected by the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.

What are the benefits of a mini-split HVAC system?

Mini-Split HVACs are more environmentally-friendly

The lump of your electricity bill comes from the costs of heating and cooling. Ductless HVAC systems are the solution since they’re more efficient than central air conditioning units. Mini-split HVAC units don’t have to work as hard since each indoor unit can operate independently. In turn, the units use less energy, which is great for the environment.

They’re Easily Installed

Installing traditional ducted HVACs will require you to do major renovations to your property. You’ll have to route the HVAC along or inside your walls -- a process that could take weeks. Mini-split systems, on the other hand, are easier to install. They can be installed in less than a day since they don’t require drywall work or wall remodeling.

They Improve Air Quality

The problem with traditional HVAC units is that they have to be cleaned regularly in order to maintain a comfortable and clean indoor air quality. Their filtration system still can’t fully prevent pollen, allergens, and bacteria from passing through. With modern mini-split HVAC units, you can breathe clean air because of their innovative, multi-stage filtration cartridges that you can easily wash and replace.

Mini-Split HVACs Can Be Zoned

Another reason why mini-split ductless HVAC systems are excellent choices is that they can be zoned. You can set the temperature for each area in your home without affecting the rest of the house. You have the power to adjust the temperature of each indoor unit. If you spend most of your time in your home office, you only have to use that room’s mini-split HVAC. There’s no need to cool or heat the parts of the house you rarely use.

Find a Mini-Split HVAC Expert

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