Should I Replace my Furnace and Coil or Get a New AC?

One question that we’re always asked is, “If I replace my air conditioner, do I also need to replace my furnace and coil?” The answer is this: it depends. It’s not always the best idea to replace your furnace and evaporator coil at the same time. As they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Let’s make sure that you absolutely have to replace your furnace and coil at the same time as your air conditioning unit...

What does each part do?

The furnace keeps your home toasty warm. There are three types of furnaces: gas, electric, and oil, and they all interact with your HVAC system to heat air. They’re distributed throughout your home through ductwork or piping.

The evaporator coil, or just the coil, is the part of your HVAC that regulates indoor temperature all year long. The coil cools down the air inside your home if the thermostat is set at a lower setting.