Why Should I Need an Extended HVAC Warranty?

You’ve just had your brand new HVAC system installed by the pros. Now you’re enjoying cool and clean indoor air. Surely, you can kick back and enjoy comfortable temperatures forever, right?

Well, not quite. While your new HVAC system might be the sturdiest model, it won’t be able to last years unless you keep up with regular maintenance. But what if something happens to your HVAC that’s beyond your control? What if it fails and needs something more than just dusting and vacuuming? That’s where HVAC extended warranties come in.

Most appliances come with one-year warranties, but when that ends, where do you go? People usually end up seeking repair services by themselves. Even though your heating and air conditioning unit is heavy-duty and built to last, it still won’t hurt to purchase an HVAC extended warranty.

Do you need an extended HVAC warranty?

It is standard for your HVAC manufacturer to provide a limited warranty when you purchase your system. But that’s the problem: it’s limited. Often, the warranty doesn’t even cover the cost of labor. An extended HVAC warranty covers everything that will go into repairing your unit, including labor and parts.

Even if you’re the most careful person in the world, your HVAC system will eventually experience wear and tear, resulting in internal damage and poor indoor air circulation. After your 1, 5, or 10 year limited/parts warranty ends, you’ll find yourself struggling with repair and maintenance expenses. An extended warranty safeguards you from expensive repairs that you’re bound to encounter.