Fight COVID-19 With HVAC Disinfection

Everyone wants to keep themselves and their families healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. People have been hoarding hand sanitizer, wearing face masks, and washing their hands. However, not everyone realizes that one of the greatest threats is right at home: their HVAC system.

While your HVAC was designed to eliminate health hazards, if your air conditioner and heating systems aren’t thoroughly maintained, you risk getting infected by the coronavirus. As bacteria enters your home, they aren’t removed. Eventually, you’ll be living in stale air with infectious airborne particles.

Why is HVAC disinfection so important against COVID-19?

HVAC systems were designed to go unnoticed. If we asked you to imagine your home or office, your HVAC system probably won’t cross your mind. While HVAC systems were designed to circulate air quickly, it also poses a real danger during the pandemic, as it can also circulate viruses. If you want to disinfect your entire space, you need to think about your HVAC.