Can UV Light Kill COVID-19?

UV light has been known to eliminate other coronaviruses, such as the MERS-CoV and SARS. From available scientific research so far, it’s possible that UV light can also eliminate the novel coronavirus.

But does this mean you should soak in all of the UV light you can find? Probably not. While UV light is great for cleaning surfaces and objects, ultraviolet light is not safe if it’s directly on human skin. It isn’t a good idea to use UV light to disinfect your hands. The best practice would be to stick with soap and water, or an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Industries like healthcare, the food industry, water, and pharmaceuticals would benefit the most from UV light. So, until scientists can fully explore far-UVC, it’s best to use ultraviolet light to prevent the spread of coronavirus by saving it for sanitizing objects, disinfecting surfaces, and cleaning rooms.