Why Install Water Emergency Switches?

There are three main reasons why installing water emergency switches is recommended:

  1. Hinders mold growth
  2. A moisture-rich environment is conducive to mold growth. Hence, a leaky HVAC system can be susceptible to dangerous mold growth. Installing an AC float switch lets you catch the leaks before they become breeding grounds for mold.

  3. Prevents and reduces water damage
  4. AC float switches shut off the HVAC unit’s compressor. Hence, it helps reduce or prevent water damage to a leaking HVAC unit.

  5. A cost-effective way to save money
  6. Investing in water emergency switches allows you to save money in the long run. That’s because leaking HVAC units or drainage pipes can jumpstart serious structural damages to your home. It can also damage your air conditioner unit. If you have an AC float switch installed, you can save thousands of dollars from possible damage due to HVAC leaks and overflows.

The Takeaway

Water emergency switches are simple yet essential devices for your HVAC unit. They help detect and fix leaks in your drainage pipes and elsewhere in the system. They also prevent damage to your unit and your home caused by leaky HVACs.