Benefits of Insulating Pipes

Insulating exterior HVAC pipes is commonly done to protect the pipes from outdoor weather conditions. It also allows the pipes to work to its maximum efficiency, ensuring that:

  • Pipes carrying hot water experience minimal heat loss and heat gain
  • Pipes with cold water do not get heated
  • Condensation does not happen within pipes carrying cold media or water
  • Water vapor icing is prevented

Additional benefits of insulating your HVAC system’s exterior pipes include:

  • Prevention of fire spread in an emergency
  • Noise level reduction
  • Absorption of vibrations created by the HVAC system
  • Providing a boost in structural strength to ceilings and/or walls where the HVAC system is installed

Pipe insulation should ideally be replaced when it starts to deteriorate. Most of the time, poor air conditioning can be linked to deteriorating insulation, as the HVAC system needs to work doubly hard to cool your home despite the ruined pipe insulations.