Allergens and How Filters Can Help

Allergens and How Filters Can Help

Dirty Filters Are a Big Deal

Filters can be found in every type of heating and ventilation system. Whether you have a heat pump, furnace or air-conditioning system, then some sort of filter is required to keep the air clean and healthy. Filters make sure operation continues to be efficient and that your bills don’t rocket sky high because your system is working too hard and costing you a lot of energy and thus money. However, lots of people don’t maintain their HVAC system, particularly when it comes to paying attention to the filter and the maintenance it needs. One of the biggest problems with filters is that people forget to change it and end up with a really dirty and essentially ineffective air filter. This is actually one of the most common causes of other problems with HVAC systems, as a dirty filter can lead to a complete system failure.

Air Filters Can Help Keep Allergies at Bay

Keeping your filter in good shape is even more important if someone in your house has allergies or if you are really keen on keeping allergens completely out of your air. Filters are crucial to this as they do two things. Firstly, they prevent dust from damaging your HVAC system. This can lead to maintenance issues that can be costly, so keeping the dust away stops overheating and damage. But filters also clean the air in your home by keeping out allergens and particles like pollen or mold that can reduce the air quality in your home. However, the overall purpose of a traditional paper and regular filter isn’t only to protect you, but to protect your equipment as well. Therefore, if you are keen to keep allergens out and make this an important part of what your filter does, then you should think about a 5” or HEPA filter.

Choosing the Right Filter

When thinking about which filter to choose and which filter is really the best at keeping out allergens, then you should refer to the MERV rating. This rating looks at how well filters can remove even the smallest of particles and allergens. So, if you want the best filter then you should install the highest rated filter. Generally, any filter that is ranked ten or higher will be the most effective at blocking nasty allergens and reducing allergy symptoms amongst the people living in your home. Even once you have invested in a more expensive but more effective filter, you still need to remember to change it regularly. You should be doing this about once a month, but it does depend on the filter and where you live.

Just Remember that Filters Aren't Everything...

Filters are great at stopping anyone’s allergies from getting worse, as they can remove most of the particles that are in the air. However, it is also important to remember that they can’t solve the problem of allergens completely. There are more particles in your bedding and furniture, so these areas should also be cleaned effectively and you should think about other measures combined with a great filter to keep allergens from your home.