Benefits of a Germicidal Light

Benefits of a Germicidal Light

A Germical Light Keeps Germs At Bay

First of all, do you know what a germicidal light actually is? And how you can use it? Or what anyone really uses it for? Well, a germicidal light is a particular type of lamp which produces ultraviolet light, or UVC light for short. The lights are designed to have a certain degree of UV light produced. This type of light is short wave, and is commonly available as low or high pressure lamps as well as LED’s. You can’t see this UV wave, and it is harmless to us, but can actually do a lot of harm to nasty germs. The light can disrupt their DNA and make them unable to multiply or can simply kill them off. UV germicidal lights can also kill other nasty pollutants like lice and dust mites, which we really don’t want in our homes.

So, how can you benefit from using a germicidal light?

Germicidal lights are great for HVAC systems. Yes, these lights can be used in the heating and ventilation system in your home. If you add a UV germicidal light then you will see improved air quality, and therefore improved health and happiness in the people who live in your home. By installing a light into your HVAC system, it will scan all of the air that passes it by, and will kill the nasty pollutants. Unlike more commonly used filters, the UV germicidal light doesn’t miss anything as it scans all the air as it passes by the light. Filters that are the best on the market can’t stop the tiniest of particles that come through your HVAC system, but UV germicidal lights won’t miss anything, even microscopic germs and bacteria. Essentially the UV germicidal light forms a barrier that nothing can penetrate

What does this mean for your home and family?

Essentially, by installing a UC germicidal light into your HVAC system, you can be confident that you are stopping any nasty allergens or bacteria from circulating around your home. It means those with allergies will feel better, and everyone will likely see a reduction in the amount of colds or flu-like symptoms they have. It is great for young children and older people in particular, as they are more receptive to picking up horrid bacteria. Overall, you will clearly notice that the air is fresher in your home and everyone will feel more comfortable.

You will also probably notice that your utility bills will reduce once you have installed a UV germicidal light. This is because the air in your home will become much cleaner and the whole HVAC system will run more efficiently. It won’t have to work as hard to circulate air around your home. Although the UV germicidal light is an initial investment, in the long run it will see you benefit from great cost savings.

There are numerous benefits from using a UV germicidal lamp in your HVAC system. You can easily find them available to buy and many technicians are experienced in installing them and advising on long-term maintenance.