Why should I get my ductwork cleaned?

The Benefits of Ductwork Cleaning

Ductwork is a hidden part of your home that is easy to ignore. Often, unless you installed your own ductwork, you inherited a home that already had its ductwork installed, and you just benefited from the great heating and cooling system. Unless you have experience with these HVAC systems already, there is probably pretty little chance you will know how to keep it well maintained. Most of us will just merrily benefit from the system, feeling happy and comfortable in our homes. That is until there is a problem because the whole system hasn’t been well maintained.

What many people do not realize is that the cleanliness of your air ducts is just as important as general maintenance in keeping them up and running well. How clean they are really can affect the air quality in your home, as well as the overall performance of the whole system, how much energy it uses and whether it will lead to any costly maintenance issues. Lots of people are often really shocked to discover that it is in the ductwork where you will find some of the most harmful pollutants that can really affect the air quality in your home, and actually cause health issues for the people living there. Therefore, getting your ductwork cleaned regularly is really important, as it can lead to numerous benefits for your home and family.

Your home will be cleaner

If you get your ductwork professionally cleaned, then the amount of dust living in the ducts will reduce significantly. This means there will be less circulating around your home and collecting in rooms and on furniture. You will be pleased to notice that once your ductwork has been cleaned there will be less dust to polish or vacuum up in your home. As well as reducing the amount of trapped dust, having clean ductwork will also reduce any nasty smells that may be circulating around your home. Mold, pets and smoking are all common causes of bad smells that then move around your home in the ductwork. By cleaning the ducts, any trapped, smelly particles will be removed, leaving you with a cleaner looking and smelling home.

Your family will feel better

Another huge benefit of getting your ductwork cleaned is that the amount of allergens or irritants will be reduced. If any of your family members has issues with allergies or asthma, then they are likely to feel much better with clean ductwork, as these nasty pollutants will no longer be circulating constantly around your home, irritating them. Whether you are sensitive to allergies or not, with clean ductwork, everyone will find it easier to breath. Pollutants will no longer be causing sneezing or coughing. Instead, everyone will feel better and more comfortable breathing clean air.

If these benefits aren’t enough, then remember that clean ductwork means more efficient ductwork, and this means reduced utility bills and more money in your back pocket! The benefits to getting your ductwork cleaned regularly are endless!