When should I have my furnace cleaning done?

When should I have my furnace cleaning done?

A furnace is a common appliance in households across the USA. They are powered by gas or oil, and they heat a home by heating air or water and then circulating it around the home. Some of the benefits of having a furnace include the fact that a central unit can be installed without any disruptive ducts or vents going in too. Also, compared to other forms of heating like radiators, a furnace tends to heat a cold home much quicker. If you are thinking about updating an old worn out furnace, then you probably should. In upgrading you will see a huge improvement in efficiency. And as your furnace is more efficient, you will notice that you will spend less on heating and your bills will decrease. Your home will also become more comfortable, as new systems have advanced features to target particular cold stops and ensure your home has an all-around great level of comfort.

Whether you have just purchased a great new furnace, or you are sticking with your reliable model, you should think about regularly getting it cleaned and maintained. All manufacturers will recommend that you have an annual inspection by a qualified professional. Although, you probably don’t need to get it checked every year, it is recommended, and it is a good way of finding any maintenance issues before it breaks down and leaves you freezing on the coldest night of the year! In particular, if your furnace is over ten years old you should definitely be getting it checked every year.

When it comes to cleaning your furnace, you should do this at least every two years. However, if you have pets or children living in your home, then you should probably increase this to every year, as dirt, hair and dust is likely to accumulate much quicker than an average home. There are also some signs you should look out for, and if you notice any of these then you should get your furnace cleaned right away. These signs are things like dust puffing from an air vent, dust trapped in a vent, or a dust coating on the grill.

If you have decided that your furnace does need cleaning, then a great time to do this is early fall. That way you will be happy that your furnace is in good shape right before the chilly winter months. Cleaning the furnace itself involves a few different aspects and should be done by a professional. The full system should be cleaned, so the furnace blower should be taken out and cleaned. All of the ducts should be cleaned as well, and a professional finish should be given to the whole furnace system. So, if you think that your furnace may be in need of a clean, it is much safer to get it done than worry. A good clean before the cold months will give you the peace of mind you need and won’t leave you cold on a chilly winter’s day.

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