Benefits of Sealing Ductwork

Benefits of Sealing Ductwork

What is duct sealing and why do you need it?

People who have ducted HVAC systems to keep their homes and buildings cool will need to think about sealing ductwork. Ducts are used to move the air throughout the building, and in a normal house sometimes about 25% of air is actually lost because these ducts leak. Sometimes old ducts will have become poorly connected or developed holes that mean air is leaking. This makes the whole ducted system quite inefficient and you will probably notice that your home isn’t as cool as it normally is, and that your energy bills are soaring sky high. You will probably notice that you are becoming quite frustrated as your home is becoming more difficult to keep cool. As well as this and high bills, you may also notice that your rooms are stuffy and uncomfortable, which is not what you want. Duct sealing is the simple process of making sure your ducts are properly sealed and well designed in order to avoid any of these problems.

So, how do you go about duct sealing?

Lots of people will decide to seal the ducts in their home themselves, which is a bold choice! But you can actually seal any leaks using a metal tape and by insulting all of the ducts that you can easily access. Perhaps quite surprisingly you really shouldn’t use duct tape to seal your ducts as it won’t last long at all. In particular for your sealing to be effective, you should make sure that the connection to walls, floors and ceilings are really well sealed as these areas tend to be where most of the leaks occur. However, although you can have a go at sealing your ducts yourself it is mostly recommend to get a professional in to do it for you. That way you can rest assured that they have done an expert job and you won’t have to worry about sealing your ducts again in the near future.

The main benefits of duct sealing are numerous

The benefits of getting your ducts properly sealed are quite simple. Firstly, you will be much more comfortable. You will find that they more effectively keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, thus reducing the risk of you being too cold or warm and getting any nasty colds or flu symptoms because of an uncomfortable air temperature. In addition to this a well working ducted HVAC system will really improve the quality of the air in your home. Many nasty allergens and dust particles can actually get into your HVAC system, but by ensuring your ducts are 100% and properly sealed you will reduce the risk of these particles getting into your ducts, thus improving the quality of the air in your home. Another great benefit is that you will probably save a lot of money by getting your ducts sealed. It will improve the overall efficiency of your system and thus reduce your energy bills. You could actually find if you install a well-sealed system, you will probably need a smaller HVAC, as it will work so much better.