Sump Pump Maintenance

Proper Maintenance for your sump pump

Your sump pump is a much-needed piece of equipment

Most people will probably not know what a sump pump is unless you have one, or have needed to install one. They are normally installed in sump pits, which are pits that keep the area under your home or building dry and stop it from flooding. The sump pump works by pumping any excess water out of the pit and away from the building so everything stays nice and dry and safe. It is actually the sump pump that does all of the pumping. It pumps by removing water that may have accumulated in your sump pit, for example, when your basement may have flooded. Sump pumps are commonly used in homes where the water table is above the foundation of your home, as dampness and flooding are more likely. Generally, the water will naturally flow into the sump pit from the soil and it therefore needs to be pumped away using the handy sump pump. If you live in a home that is prone to basement dampness and flooding, then a sump pump will be your best friend.

Your sump pump must be taken care of to work effectively

Sadly, most people will just assume that their sump pump is working effectively. If there is no sign of damage, then it works invisibly, pumping away efficiently. Some people won’t even realize they have a sump pump in their home, which is crazy! However, it is really important to know where your sump pump is and how to maintain it. Otherwise, one day you will find yourself stuck with a big flooding problem. Your pump works using electricity and being submerged in water in the sump pit. When the water hits a certain level, the pump will turn on by itself and start pumping out water. Then when the level is low enough it will stop pumping. This way, any groundwater will be automatically expelled without you having to do anything.

You must maintain your sump pump to ensure it works properly

Most people will probably check their pump on an annual basis, but you should really check it multiple times a year as it is so crucial to the safe running of your home. You should make sure you have had it checked properly before the spring time, as this is normally when the pump is in most use because of an increase in groundwater. Before you even think about maintaining your sump pump you need to know where it is, and that is normally in your basement. Once you have found it first check the GFCI is working, and make sure the pump is upright with the float ball moving easily. At this point you should also test the pump to see if it is actually pumping water. You can do this by pouring water into the pit and seeing if the pump activates and turns on. Make sure it turns on and actually starts pumping out the water as it should. These are some simple ways to keep your pump working well all year round.