Pool Heater Recommended Maintenance

Pool Heater Recommended Maintenance

No-one wants to swim in cold water all year round

Having a pool is a huge bonus. Whether it is sunny all year round, or only hot for a few weeks in the summer holidays, more often than not a swimming pool is a great addition to any home. If you have children, they will love it and probably spend hours outside amusing themselves splashing around. It is also great as they can improve their swimming skills whenever they like. Swimming is also one of the best cardio workouts you can do. So instead of having to find a local pool, you can work out on your own time in your own pool at home. What’s more, having a pool will probably make you really popular with friends and family. Before you know it, you will have people around your house, creating a great atmosphere, all year round.

A pool heater is a must-have extra

Owning a swimming pool is a real bonus. However, it will soon become neglected unless you invest in a pool heater. Although it may seem hot in the summer, sometimes it isn’t always as warm as it seems, and in the winter the water temperature definitely won’t be hot enough to swim in. So, without a pool heater your pool will be left neglected for most of the year. That is a poor investment indeed and a waste of money. A pool heater warms the water in the pool, by sucking the cold water into a heating tank and then pumping it back out warm. This exchange process will keep the water temperature in your pool comfortable whatever the weather. These types of heat pump heaters are more expensive than gas pool heaters, but they will cost less to run each year and will be more efficient over time.

If you keep your pool heater well maintained it can last much longer than a gas pool heater

Taking good care of your pool heater is important to make sure you maximize its potential and keep it working well for as long as possible. If you maintain it well, then it will be efficient. If you maintain your heat pump adequately and correctly, they can last for ten years or more. You should be looking to tune up your pool heater once a year, and get a technician to service it periodically as well. There are also certain maintenance tasks you should complete throughout the year. For example, in the winter months you must make sure your pool heater is clear of water, so that it doesn’t freeze up with ice and break. In the winter you can also invest in a cover for the heat pump, that will make sure there isn’t any debris inside it. You can also turn it off if you aren’t going to use it, as this will save you some money. These are some of our top tips to keep your pool heater well maintained in the winter months. The most important point is to not forget about it, but to instead check it regularly to ensure it stays working well.