Ductless vs. Ducted HVAC Units

Ductless vs. Ducted HVAC Units

Owning an HVAC unit is essential for both the hot and cold months

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. As the name suggests these are all things that an HVAC unit can do. Essentially, they control the environment where they are placed, which could be work or home. They can be adjusted to correctly control the environment depending on your preference, as well as the weather. It adjusts the climate based on simply heating or cooling the room in order to control the temperature. HVAC units can also affect the humidity of the room they are in by controlling the movement and distribution of air inside a room. So not only do they control the temperature, they also make sure it doesn’t get too muggy and humid in your home. Most people agree that HVAC units are great pieces to own, but sometimes it can be quite complicated to decide which type of system is right for you and to understand how all the different units work.

One of the main choices to make is ductless or ducted

Although there are many different decisions to make when it comes to deciding on your HVAC, one of the central decisions is whether to go for a ducted or ductless unit. The simple difference between the two types of system is that a ductless unit quite simply doesn’t have any ducts in the walls to distribute the air. Unlike a ducted air conditioning unit, the air isn’t heated and cooled by blowing it through ducts, but instead it sends the refrigerant to small air handlers or blowers that will be throughout your home. They are small boxes in each room and they each individually adjust the environment and climate of each room.

How do you choose between a ductless or ducted HVAC system?

The main decision driver for most people is whether or not the property they are looking to install an HVAC system in has existing ductwork already. If you do have the ducts already installed and working in your home, then it will be much cheaper to stick with this ducted system. But if you don’t have the ducts already, then it will be significantly cheaper to choose a ductless system. If you are starting from the beginning, then a ductless system will cost you less to install. There will also be much less disruption from construction works, as you only need a small hole for the cable rather than huge spaces to install the ducts. Overall, a ductless system is cheaper, quieter and more energy efficient. One of the downsides of these ductless systems is that they may not cool the whole home as evenly as a ducted unit. They also don’t remove allergens or really improve the air quality, and are very visible inside your home. In contrast, a ductless system cools your entire home, is basically invisible once it is installed and will also improve the air quality in your home. However, it can be hard to install, is more expensive and there may be issues with the ductwork over time. Each system has its pros and cons. The decision is yours to make.