Common Problems with your Heat Pump

Common problems with your heat pump

A heat pump is a commonly used system to cool or heat the home. Normally you will find the system has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that is similar to an air conditioner, but is called a heat pump. The system works by having a compressor which moves refrigerant that absorbs and lets out heat as it moves between the two units. It quite simply moves warm air from different parts of your house depending on if it is too hot or cold. For example, when it is cold outside the pump will move this heat inside, and if it is warm outside the process reverses. These systems are really energy efficient, as they never create more heat, they just move heat around to keep your home comfortable and at the right temperature.

Even if you keep your heat pump well maintained and serviced, it may still run into some problems. These are some of the most common problems you may find with your heat pump and how to beset address them:

Your heat pump won’t turn on

If your heat pump won’t even turn on, then you have a problem. If it is new then there is probably some sort of electrical problem. If you check your circuit breaker, the problem may be fixed with a quick reset. If not, then look for loose or frayed wires and call a professional in to help. Trying to fix electrical problems like this yourself could be very dangerous.

Your heat pump isn’t cooling or heating efficiently

If you don’t think your heat pump is running as efficiently as it should be, then there could be a few problems. Firstly, the ducts may be blocked, so check them and clear out any debris. Secondly, the thermostat may be broken and displaying the wrong desired temperature. The air filters may be dirty, so again clean them out so the airflow isn’t blocked. Finally, have a professional check the refrigerant levels, because if they are low then warm air won’t be getting cooled properly.

Your heat pump is making unusual noises

If you’ve had your heat pump for a while and suddenly notice it making odd noises, then something is likely to be wrong. If the noise is a squeak or grinding sound, then turn it off and call a technician. If it is rattling, then this could mean something is loose. You can try tightening the cover or air ducts.

These are some of the most common and also obvious problems with your heat pump that you will notice right away. Some other problems may be harder to see or hear. To prevent any sort of problem, it is important to keep your whole heat pump system regularly maintained and checked by a professional. Look at your instruction manual for tips on what you can do yourself. Also, ask around for recommendations of a trusted technician you can call. There is nothing better than knowing a professional who comes recommended and has done a good job before. Always remember some problems can’t be fixed yourself and if you are ever unsure, it is best to call an expert for advice.