Common problems with your air conditioner

Common problems with your air conditioner

If you are living in a hot climate, then air conditioning is a must. There is nothing worse than a hot room, with no air circulation, ventilation or cooling. If you don’t have a good air conditioner then you can experience discomfort such as lack of sleep and other health problems. But simply owning an air conditioner isn’t enough. To make sure it works efficiently and at its best all year round, then you need to maintain it and repair it when needed. If you leave your air conditioner neglected for years, you will find it will come to start working very poorly, if at all. Don’t panic, because air conditioner maintenance is quite simple and there are some common problems that you can prepare for.

When air doesn’t come out

If your air conditioner is on, but no air is coming out at all, then there could be a couple of problems. It could mean the breaker has tripped or the blower belt needs replacing. These are simple fixes, either you replace the belt or reset the breaker.

When the air isn’t cool

If air is coming out of your unit, but it doesn’t seem to be cool, then you will have a problem with the unit’s ability to cool the air. This is one of the most common problems, and annoyingly it could be down to a multitude of issues. Run through this list and see if the problem is rectified-clean the air filter, add refrigerant, clear the drain, look for ice on the coils or add more coolant. If your unit is actually blowing out hot air, then more often than not this is because of a dirty air filter.

Leaks and poor drainage

If the coolant is leaking in the air conditioner then you will notice the air temperature changing. You should have a go clearing the drain pipes or the pump system. If the drain becomes clogged up then this may cause a water leak and damage your unit. Also, if your unit hasn’t been fixed at a mounted level, then it may be struggling to drain properly, so make sure it is installed properly when you first buy an air conditioner.

If the air-con unit stops working

If your air conditioner has completely stopped working randomly, then the first thing to do is check and replace the batteries. If the batteries in the thermostat are dead, then they need replacing and the problem is fixed! If this doesn’t work, then check the circuit breaker. You may need to turn it on. If you think there may be a problem with the wiring, then this is a real hazard. Do not attempt to fix it yourself, but call in an expert right away. A professional can check the electrical connections and other bigger problems. They have the expertise and skills to do this.

These are just some common problems that can arise with your air conditioner. Remember, if you are ever unsure about any problem, call a professional for advice and keep your personal safety at the forefront of your mind.