What does HVAC maintenance mean to me?

What does HVAC maintenance mean to me?

Like many people, HVAC was an unknown acronym to me for many years. It was something my parents knew about. And people who renovated their own home. I have always been someone who asks others for help with home maintenance and renovations, so HVAC, I really had no clue. It wasn’t until a friend suffered a catastrophic meltdown of her air-con system that I woke up and realized I needed to have a clue. It was the middle of summer and her whole system completely broke, because it hadn’t been cleaned or maintained in years. So I decided to go home and learn all I could about HVAC.

The acronym is simple. It stands for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. So when people refer to HVAC they mean the system which keeps your home at a comfortable temperature. More often than not you will have one system that controls all three functions, hence the joint-acronym. Now, before I knew a little about HVAC, maintaining it obviously meant even less. However, having seen my friend swelter in the heat, I made sure to get my HVAC in tip-top working order. Also, if you think about the low costs of maintenance, versus the high cost of repairs if you don’t maintain, you will be convinced that maintenance is the way to go! Now, I can share some top tips about keeping your HVAC system in good working order.

The things you can do yourself

There are some small tasks you can easily do yourself to keep your HVAC system in good working order. These include changing the filter once a month, checking for dust and debris in the outdoor unit and keeping it clean, keep plants away from the outdoor unit and make sure the supply and return registers don’t get blocked up by any of your indoor furnishings.

The things you need to ask a professional to do

Sadly you cannot save money and do all aspects of HVAC maintenance yourself. A professional has the knowledge and skills to do things you cannot. Sometimes some aspects of maintenance need specific tools to keep it running well. Some of these tasks include tightening electrics, lubrication, checking the drain and system controls, cleaning the blower and checking the thermostat. Make sure you hire a technician who comes recommended and has good reviews. You do not want to pay loads for poor workmanship.

You should look to take on both your own small checks and the more professional overhaul in both the spring and fall. That way you will make sure you have your HVAC in order for the summer and winter months. The crucial times when you need it the most! Remember by maintaining your HVAC, not only will you avoid a catastrophic breakdown, you will save money by keeping the energy in your home running efficiently and thus keeping your utility bills low. HVAC maintenance is really important to keeping your home safe and comfortable.