Things to do before starting your air conditioner for the season

Things to do before starting your air conditioner for the season

For those of us that live in places hot enough to need air conditioning, we all know well that moment when you decide to finally get the air-con going for the season. We all know we hold off as long as possible, worrying we’re turning it on earlier this year, maybe our tolerance to the heat and humidity has worsened? What if turning it on will send the electricity bill through the roof? These are the same questions we ask ourselves every year. The same thoughts that go around in our heads before we inevitably give in and decide we must have the air-con on!

So you’ve come round to the idea that now is the time for the air-con, but it isn’t as simple as just turning it on and going. There are some steps to follow and some things to consider before starting your air conditioner. Often, if you have had a cold winter, the air-con equipment will be damaged and it may affect the start-up. This way, with some preparation, your air conditioner will work well for the whole of the summer and not just the first time you turn it on. Here are our tips on what you need to do:

  • Check it for problems and test

    Before it gets too hot and humid you should check your air conditioner for problems and undertake some general maintenance. If you check it before it gets too hot, then you will be ahead of the curve. If you wait until it really gets hot, then you’ll be turning your air-con on at the same time as everyone else, and this will be a professional’s busiest time! Definitely check the system early and hire someone to take on repairs or a full service.

  • Clean the filters and coils

    Make sure you have a look at the filters and replace them if they are clogged up with dust. You should be regularly doing this throughout the year. Filters generally need replacing about twice a year, depending on the size. You also need to clean the condenser unit. Hopefully you will have had the condenser unit covered throughout the winter, but even so debris may have clogged it up and it will need cleaning. If not, the coils will remain clogged and when you turn on your air-con it won’t be as efficient as it should be. You can clean the coils using a coil brush and some coil cleaner, but it’s highly recommended to have a professional do this step.

  • Check the pipes and thermostat

    There are refrigerant pipes that go from inside to the outside condenser, however over winter the insulation on them may have become broken. It is really important to check this insulation, as if it is broken, then it won’t work and the air-con unit will lose energy. You also need to check your thermostat. It needs to be accurate, and if not you can hire a technician to come in and fix it.

With these top tips in mind, you should have your air conditioner well prepared before the summer season hits!