What is a duct system?

What is a duct system?

Ducts are used to distribute either hot or cool air in your home through a system of tube. This network of tubes, which are typically made of sheet metal, fiberglass, or flexible plastic and wire, supplies your home’s rooms with conditioned air. Conditioned air refers to anything that has been heated or cooled through heating, ventilation, and the HVAC equipment. The circulated air then cycles back to the HVAC equipment in the same volume.

How does a duct system work?

The duct system is composed of two main systems: the supply and the return. The supply system delivers conditioned air to the different areas of your home through registers. The return system withdraws the air and brings it back to the central air system.

What is duct sealing and is it important?

Duct sealing in your home is a simple process that can give you several benefits. On average, duct systems lose 25 to 40 percent of energy through leaks in the tubes. This increases your utility bill and puts your health and safety in danger.

How can you tell if your ducts are performing poorly?

There a few telltale signs that your ducts need proper maintenance. Among them are:

  • Increasing summer and winter utility bills
  • Rooms that do not heat and cool as quickly
  • Your ducts are placed in attics, crawlspaces and garages
  • You come across tangled ducts in your duct system

What are the benefits of sealing your ductwork?

Improved Comfort

You might have found rooms in your home that are too warm or too cold, especially during the summer and winter seasons. This might be caused by leaks inside your duct system. Sealing your ductwork and insulating your ducts can keep the temperature inside your rooms even.

Health and Safety

Keeping your family safe and maintaining good indoor air quality inside your home are two of the things you should prioritize. It’s possible for leaky ducts to carry dangerous fumes and pollutants from garden chemicals, car exhaust, mold and mildew, insulation particles, dust and much more. These can cause several health complications such as asthma and allergies. Sealing your ducts helps improve air quality and reduce the risk of dangerous pollutants circulating around your home.

Save Money

Leaky ducts add to around twenty to forty percent of your home’s utility costs. Duct sealing helps you save on your monthly cooling and heating bills, and places more money in your hands. Having sealed ducts increases efficiency and allows you to reap the benefits of energy saving. In addition, efficient ducts will make it possible for you to downsize to a smaller and less costly cooling or heating system.

Protect the Environment

The energy that we use is the result of burning fossil fuels that contributes to several environmental issues such as smog, acid rain and climate change. If we use lesser energy, we create lesser air pollution. Sealing ducts in your home reduces the amount of energy that is required to generate heat or cold.