The Necessity of Getting Dryer Vents Cleaned

The Necessity of Getting Dryer Vents Cleaned

The dryer is one of the most-used home appliances that’s always running. In a home especially filled with little children, every day can become laundry day. But how often do you take the time away from doing your laundry to take care of your dryer vents?

Most homeowners spend their time and resources maintaining other parts of the house such as gutters, air filters and garden lawns, but they often forget to clean their dryer vents. Around 15,000 fires occur yearly in the United States because of issues with uncleaned dryer vents.

How can I tell if my dryer vent needs cleaning?

There are a few symptoms of vents that require immediate cleaning, and you as a homeowner can identify them on your own.

  • Clothes, after two or three normal cycles on the dryer, are still a bit damp. They will also take longer to dry.
  • Clothes have a musty smell. Usually, this means that the dryer vent is unable to properly ventilate warm air from the appliance.
  • Clothes are hot to touch, even after a normal drying cycle.
  • If the laundry room feels hot and uncomfortable when the dryer is being used, this could mean that the clogged vent is preventing hot air from escaping.
  • The dryer vent hood flap isn’t opening as it should.
  • There are debris and lint which have collected at the bottom.
  • Dryer time exceeds the standard drying time of forty minutes (or depending on your product and load)
  • Lint has accumulated in large amounts at the lint trap

What are the risks associated with vents that are uncleaned?

Having an uncleaned vent can lead to the following dangerous outcomes:

  • Fires - lint that has built up at the bottom of your dryer vent is highly flammable and has been known to start fires.
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning - clogged vents contain harmful carbon monoxide gases that cannot escape the dryer. Over time, they build up and seep into your laundry room as well as other areas of your house.

What are the benefits of dryer vent cleaning?

Saves You Money and Energy Costs

Having a dryer that runs efficiently can save you up to thirty percent of your total utility cost. You need to make sure that you properly clean your dryer’s lint screen after every cycle. If you ignore your dryer upkeep and maintenance, your dryer will eventually have to run for longer periods (more cycles) and work harder just to dry your laundry. This means you’ll spend more on energy; enough to break the bank.

A Dryer That Lives Longer

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dryer that works for years, even until your grandchildren are ready to use them on their own? Clogged dryer vents require the appliance to work multiple times harder. Because of this, your machine will experience wear and tear faster, which just decreases its overall lifespan.

Prevents Animal Nesting

Birds and other animals may find clogged dryer vents to be an appealing place to set up their nests. Having clean vents with clean components ensures that your machine is in top shape. No more unwanted critters in your laundry room!