Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter Energy Saving Tips

Saving money during the winter months can be tricky. Heating your home can be costly. Whether you’re worried about the expense or just want to save the environment, here are a few winter energy saving tips you can follow to save money and energy.

Warm Clothing

Dressing for the cold weather is the easiest way to save money on heat. Put on layers. Don’t walk around in just a t-shirt. Keep that sweater or hoodie on when you walk in the door. Put on sweat pants. Wear socks and slippers. Since a lot of heat is lost through the head, slap on a hat. All of this will allow you to turn your heat down.


You can turn down your thermostat by simply accessorizing your house. Use flannel sheets on your bed. Buy the warmest comforter you can find. Throw down cushy blankets on your sofas and other places you lounge on. Put rugs down on your floor. Hang up insulated curtains. These will help you stay warm and let you keep the temperature down.

The Sun

The sun is a natural source of heat. Open up your curtains during the day to let its rays warm your house. When it starts going down, close the curtains to trap the heat inside. Natural heat will help your costs go down when you can turn your thermostat lower.


Insulating your house can really cut down costs. Make sure your attic is well insulated so that heat does not escape. Cover your windows with removable plastic insulation so that drafts do not come through. Keep your curtains closed at night. Caulk any air leaks in the walls. Have a professional come in to inspect your chimney for leaks.


Unplug any unnecessary appliances when you’re not using them. This will cut your energy bills. Appliances, even when not in use, suck power. If you unplug them, you can save a little bit of energy and be green too.


Switch your light bulbs out with LED bulbs. They use less energy and are greener. They also produce less heat. You can even buy LED holiday lights. Remember to unplug your external holiday lights during the day when people can’t see them. Also unplug the internal lights at night.


Clean out your furnace and keep it well maintained. The vents need to be properly cleaned. The filter also has to be clean in order to save money. A dirty vent will suck up energy and cost you more. Change it once a month to keep costs down.

Keeping your energy costs down can be hard, but with these tips, you can make it happen.