Benefits of Early Furnace Maintenance

Benefits of Early Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace is a very expensive appliance and you want it to last as long as it can. Benefits of early furnace maintenance include many considerations. Whether you hire a professional or DIY, you don’t want to wait until the last minute to make sure your furnace is in working order. Here I’m going to highlight a few of the top reasons you want to stay on top of maintaining your furnace.

1 – Time of Year

The last thing you want is for your furnace to stop working when you need it the most. When winter is on the way, that means snow storms and sub-zero weather are going to make your furnace work overtime. To avoid the inconvenience of not having proper heat, consider maintaining your furnace in the early fall rather than closer to the winter months.

2 – Cost & Availability

It is recommended to have your furnace cleaned every year by an HVAC professional. You’ll likely see advertisements and coupons for these services by many different companies. If you’re watching your budget closely, one of the benefits of early furnace maintenance is that your service professional will cost less during the off-season than at the beginning or middle of the season. Furnace experts are likely to be busy during the winter months and will have less availability, making it harder to schedule a fast appointment. It will also cost you more money if your furnace gives out on a weekend or on a holiday. Emergency appointments can be twice as costly and there is no guarantee your service professional will rush right over.

3 – Safety

Another benefit of early furnace maintenance is quicker detection of broken or worn out parts. Your furnace burns fuel to give off the heat you enjoy, and the earlier you have your furnace checked, the less likely it is those parts will cause more problems later. You can reduce the number of repairs with early furnace maintenance. Your gas provider may offer services where they send out a furnace technician to look for any gas leaks in the pipes and fix them free of charge. With proper care, you can extend the life of your furnace and provide a safer home environment for you and your family.

4 – Air Quality

Early furnace maintenance will ensure proper airflow within your home. Dust, mold, pollens, and house dust mites are some common allergens that are present and may become more airborne as your furnace runs. If you have pets, the dander, fur, and other pollutants are even more prominent. The benefits of early furnace maintenance include having improved energy efficiency as the vents in your furnace are properly cleaned, eliminating these pesky airborne allergens.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to early furnace maintenance. Other than cost, air quality, general home safety, and undesirable weather conditions, you’ll be abiding by the manufacturer’s warranty and ensuring fewer problems down the road. Make sure to refer to the user’s manual for instructions and maintenance requirements.