Whole house humidifiers vs portable humidifiers

Whole house humidifiers vs. portable humidifiers

There are many options for potential air humidifier owners. Choosing the right humidifier for you and your family depends on a few factors. Humidifiers are built in relation to the space they can cover. For example, some are built for entire homes while others are meant for individual rooms. The individual rooms can range from 200 to 500 square feet. The price will obviously increase depending on a humidifier’s range it can cover. Whole house humidifiers will definitely make your entire home safe. In contrast, a portable humidifier can usually cover a room or small area. If you want to bring the portable humidifier to work, you can easily do it. We will briefly discuss each humidifier and the benefits of each.

So what exactly is an air humidifier? These electric machines ensure the air in your house is clean and free from bacteria. You may not know this, but the air naturally has borne pollutants. The air humidifier will help eliminate or decrease the pollutants by preventing their circulation. You and your family view the home as a safe and loving place. The humidifier will ensure this by keeping the air clean.

Whole house humidifier

A whole house humidifier is usually connected to the main heating or cooling system of the house. This ensures little effort on your part to maintain and check the humidifier. After the initial set up, you can simply let the device run itself! Since its connected to the water system, the humidifier will constantly remove the air’s water.

Whole house humidifiers are usually more expensive then portable humidifiers. If you favor convenience and cheap prices, a portable humidifier might be best for you. However, a whole house humidifier can also circulate and clean the air more efficiently then portable ones. The whole house humidifiers are larger and more powerful then portable devices. Additionally, it may be more beneficial for your family and children. If you want them to live with healthy air, why not have the entire house covered? A whole house humidifier is the best option for your home and your family.

Portable humidifier

Portable humidifiers are usually small and compact, with the intention of easy transportation. Despite their small size, they can efficiently humidify small areas. Many can be operated with the push of a button. Unfortunately, the maintenance they require is the removal of water very often. The amount of days depends on the brand and model.

What’s great about their small size is their portability. You can easily transport them from you room to the office. This way, you will constantly breathe healthy air. A portable humidifier also saves you the stress from installing a whole house one. Within minutes of opening the package, your humidifier can begin working.

These portable humidifiers also run extremely quiet. This contrasts with whole house devices that can make some noise. Portable humidifiers can easily blend in the background of your room. Because of these facts, convenience will be a large part of your portable humidifier experience. Whatever option you choose, you can take comfort in knowing your air is healthy and safe.