What is an AC Hard Start Kit

What is an AC Hard Start Kit?

People familiar with a hard-start kit probably know the horror of losing AC. Especially in the summer months, a broken AC can be the bane of your existence. Thankfully, a hard-start kit is easy to use if you understand the basics. Picture a hard-start as a jumper cable for your car. It essentially gives your AC another jolt of life. But how does it do this? The kit contains a capacitor that allows the fan to start turning again. For whatever reason, your AC is failing to start up. The kit will give you a temporary solution to a more serious issue in your AC.

Your AC may of failed for a variety of reasons. The compressors are a typical part of the AC unit that breaks down over time. They are simply a mechanism that must be replaced after heavy use. If the AC stops producing cold air or stops working, look at the fan. It may not be getting enough energy thus preventing the fan from moving. This is where the hard-start kit comes in. These kits are usually provided when your AC unity is installed. However, you can still purchase them for relatively cheap from a local hardware store or online.

As stated previously, a lack of electric voltage is the main reason one needs a hard-start. Every AC possesses a capacitor that sends electrical voltage to the motor. Without this voltage, the compressor cannot function. The electric voltage requires a large amount of energy. The compressor uses 4-8 times more electricity to start opposed to actually running normally. This jolt of power should only be used sparingly. The hard-start can damage the compressor and overall unit if used too frequently.

You can tell your AC is hard-starting by a couple of indicators. If you turn your AC on, you may be confused to why it shuts off by itself shortly after. Like most AC problems, the answer may be in your compressor. An AC that cannot stay on for long is probably experiencing short-cycling. If this is the case, your hard-start will automatically kick in. A professional technician should definitely be consulted soon.

Some people may of experienced a clicking sound when attempting to start their AC. Again, this may be a compressor problem. The compressor is using too much power it cannot handle. In this case, a hard-start will be initiated. This overuse of power connects with the circuit breaker issue. Your compressor may have tripped your circuit breaker if too much energy is being used. If this is the case, it may be time to look into purchasing a new compressor. These compressors can be pricey depending on the brand and model. A hard-start can definitely extend the life of your AC. As a result, this will give you time to find a replacement or fix the problem. In my opinion, everyone should have a hard-start kit installed in their AC’s. The absence of a kit will leave you and your family exposed, especially in overbearing heat.