Why Does My Ductwork Drip with Water

Why Does My Ductwork Drip with Water?

It is in the summer months that our HVAC systems are put to the real test. We use the systems 24x7 for cooling the hot exterior air to provide us the necessary comfort and respite. But when the AC system is working non-stop to make our lives comfortable, a common problem for several homeowners is ductwork condensation or water dripping from the ductwork.

Water Dripping from Ductwork

There are many different reasons due to which the condensation can occur. However, the problem is generally not a cause for concern. By simply taking some basic precautions, the problem can be resolved. Let us now have a look at some of the most common reasons due to which this dripping can occur.

1. Dirty filters

One of the most common reasons for water dripping from the ductwork is dirty air filters. When the air is unable to move freely because of the dirt and dust in the air filter, it causes freezing. When this frozen air starts melting, water starts dripping from the ductwork and can damage your walls and ceilings. Let a professional clean or change the filter entirely to prevent this problem.

2. Clogged drain line

Over time, the drain line of the air conditioning system can get clogged due to debris and dirt and can start pushing water back in the pan. When the pan gets full, the additional water will start overflowing from the air vents. Also, a lot of times this happens when the drain line is not installed properly and gets disconnected. Because of this, the water running from the drain line starts spilling out of the ductwork. Get the drain lines cleaned and ensure that they are installed correctly to prevent this occurring.

3. Low levels of refrigerant

If the refrigerant level is low in the system, it can freeze when the system is being used. As the system is turned off, the ice that the frozen previously start melting and as a result, water starts dripping from the ductwork. This can damage the ceilings and might require you to spend a lot of money for the repairs if the problem is not treated. Make sure that your system is regularly inspected by a professional to ensure that the refrigerant levels never run low.

4. Poor insulation

As soon as the cold air comes into contact with warmer air, condensation takes place and water is formed. For instance, when you place a bottle of cold soft drink on your table, you will see small drops of water forming on the surface of the bottle. Something similar can happen inside the air conditioning system too because of poor insulation. When the ductwork is not insulated properly, the air can get warmer before it leaves the air vents to result in condensation and leakage. If the problem is not addressed as soon as possible, it can ruin drywalls and rot the woodwork.

While water dripping from the air vents is a fairly common problem, it can be easily prevented with scheduled maintenance. Look for a reliable maintenance service provider to make sure that your air conditioning system functions properly and is protect from expensive repairs or replacement.