Best time for a new HVAC system in Indiana


Heating and cooling systems are essential installations in any Indiana home. The state falls under the hot summer and human continental climate, so it gets four different seasons with moderately high precipitation and humidity. This means that an HVAC system is a necessity to insulate residents from varying temperatures.

Having an HVAC system installed is a big investment. Finding the right time to have a new one put up or to replace your old one can be a challenge, because it involves allotting a significant budget and looking for the right company that will do the installation based on your house type. It's not as simple as, say, buying appliances and hooking them into an outlet. There are a few more things to consider; an HVAC specialist has to conduct a survey first before determining which HVAC system you need. Materials and labor fees could also vary per season.

If it's not really an emergency situation, you might save more by choosing the best time to buy and install your HVAC system, and here are some suggestions for you.

End of Summer

Have you ever noticed that shopping malls have post-season sales, like some massive after Christmas sales? It's basically the same for HVAC companies and manufacturers. Summer is peak season for HVAC installations, and materials could go as high as double the price during this time. This is due to the higher demand for cooling that the heat of summer season entails. If you could endure until the end of summer, you will find that HVAC units and installations are much cheaper, and you might want to take advantage of that.

Of course, this is only applicable if you can wait out the hot season. If your existing system is still working well, delay your upgrade for a little while and you will be able to get rebates and discounts on HVAC installations and units.

Immediately before Summer

You have to always remember that preparing for summer requires a maintenance check of your HVAC system. If the technician finds a malfunction on any part of the system, consider it as your early signal to buy or upgrade an HVAC system. You would not want to spend the summer having constant repairs because of a faulty unit. An old and inefficient system can add up to your utility bill and you have to avoid that as much as possible.

HVAC system installations and units are slightly more expensive than off-peak season prices, but it's better to ensure that you have a working system that can last the summer season. It will save you from costly repairs and spiked utility bills.

Shoulder Months

It is understandable that peak season for HVAC installations are during winter and summer. Companies get more repair and maintenance requests during these seasons, so it will be best for you to buy and install a new unit in between these months. Take advantage of slow times for HVAC companies so you can save more from installation fees and costly units.