Should I Unplug Everything in My Home Before Going on Vacation?

Should I Unplug Everything in My Home Before Going on Vacation?

Some people unplug everything when going on vacation, thinking that it safeguards their property while keeping their bills low. While this is partially true, you actually shouldn’t unplug all of your devices. By carefully choosing which devices to keep connected and disconnected, you can strike a balance between saving energy and maintaining the ideal conditions for your home.

Why Unplug When Going on Vacation?

Unplugging your devices when going on holiday is a wise choice that can help you save electricity. Even when devices are switched "off," they can continue to draw power. While the electricity drawn in standby mode may be minimal, it can add up, leading to higher utility bills.

Furthermore, disconnecting your devices safeguards you against potential fire risks. Plugged-in devices are prone to damage due to power surges.

These are the items to unplug when going away:

Home Entertainment Systems

Have you noticed the little LED lights that stay on even when you’ve turned your TV off? That’s a sign that it isn’t 100% off, but on standby mode where it’s wasting energy. To keep your electricity costs low, don’t forget to unplug all of your home entertainment systems, such as your TV, computer, and gaming consoles.


Computers continue to draw electricity, even if you’ve turned them off. To stop them from slowly draining energy, make sure to disconnect your computers from their power sources before embarking on your trip.

Kitchen Appliances

The appliances in your kitchen—like your toaster, electric kettle, etc. —can also consume power while not in use. A good rule of thumb is to unplug anything that has a timer or clock on it (e.g., your coffee maker). The last thing you want is for gadgets to “come alive” and waste energy while you’re away.

Should You Unplug Everything?

While it's critical to unplug certain electronic devices when on vacation, there are a few items you must leave connected. Here are some electronic devices you shouldn't unplug when going on vacation:

HVAC System

You might think your HVAC is only useful when someone’s home. However, apart from providing comfort, it has the additional role of maintaining a consistent temperature. This allows it to preserve your home's structure and components.

Tip: Have your HVAC checked before going on vacation. This ensures that your system is in good working order, giving you peace of mind that it will function optimally while you’re away. The last thing you’d want is to return home, only to find that your HVAC system has malfunctioned.


If you’re leaving your refrigerator with food in it, it’s best not to unplug it when going on vacation. Your fridge needs to maintain its temperature, otherwise, its contents may spoil. Alternatively, you can empty your fridge, defrost it, and then turn it off.


Your Wi-Fi router should remain connected, especially if you have a smart home or security systems that rely on 24/7 connectivity.

Schedule an Inspection Before Your Holiday

Before going on vacation, it’s wise to arrange an inspection with Beeson Mechanical Service. Our skilled team will thoroughly assess your HVAC system, refrigerator, and other components you plan to keep plugged in. Through our inspection, you can steer clear of issues that might compromise your home. Call us today at 317-535-9338 for more information on how we can help.