New AprilAire Sensors Releasing Soon

AprilAire has been creating innovative and high-quality healthy air solutions since 1954. As one of the leading brands in the industry, it has always pushed the boundaries to deliver world-class products to consumers. Case in point, the soon-to-be-released sensors by AprilAire aim to revolutionize how homeowners’ control and monitor indoor spaces.

The sensors are built to offer users extensive insights into the indoor environment, helping them make informed decisions to enhance air quality, boost energy efficiency, and improve overall comfort. Here are some of the features of these latest AprilAire sensors homeowners should know about-

1. Air Quality Monitoring Simplified

The new sensors from the brand take air quality monitoring a significant step further than the basic humidity and temperature measurements. Through a combination of technologies, they can detect various pollutants, including CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and more.

Active monitoring of these crucial parameters offers homeowners valuable insights into the air quality, enabling them to identify problems and take proactive steps for creating a healthier indoor environment.

2. Scheduling Through Sensors

Multiple AprilAire sensors can be installed throughout the home to minimize cold or hot spots by temperature averaging in all areas. The latest sensors allow homeowners to program scheduled events in different parts of the home by adjusting individual sensors accordingly.

For instance, the living room can have a colder temperature in the afternoon and the bedroom can have a warmer temperature at night during winters. The improved control of indoor temperature where and when it is required is sure to offer more comfort and convenience.

3. Wireless Connection

AprilAire has also recently released Series S86 Thermostats. One of the thermostats in the series is equipped with Wi-Fi technology to help homeowners conveniently control and manage the thermostat no matter where they are through the brand’s Healthy Air mobile app.

The latest sensors from the brand can be wirelessly connected to this Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat, eliminating the need to run wires. When paired with the thermostat, the integrated LED also indicates the connection status.

4. Seamless Integration

What if you already have an AprilAire HVAC system installed at your home? Will the new sensors work with existing systems? Rest assured, the sensors are compatible with all the latest HVAC products from the brand to help homeowners take maximum advantage of the products.

When connected to the HVAC system, the sensors help with automatic adjustments depending on the air quality to ensure optimal filtration and ventilation.

5. Long Battery Life

The new sensors from AprilAire come equipped with a replaceable battery with an approximate working life of up to 1 year. The LED reports the battery status so that homeowners can conveniently replace the battery when it is low on charge.

The long battery life and battery status are two more features that make these thermostats highly user-friendly and efficient.

Do You Need Temperature Sensors in Your Home?

The latest sensors from AprilAire are feature-packed and easy to use. But does your house need temperature and humidity sensors or just the thermostat will do? Let professionals make the decision.

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