New AprilAire Thermostats Released

AprilAire is one of the most renowned brands in the HVAC industry. Through its cutting-edge products, the brand has become synonymous with innovation and emerging technologies. The leading brand has recently released a new series of S86 Thermostats. From intuitive navigation and improved energy efficiency to customizable scheduling and programming, the new thermostats from AprilAire are a perfect fit for homes and offices. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the top features of this innovative product-

1. Improved Sensor Technology

With the S86 Series, AprilAire has raised the bar for the thermostat industry. The models in this series feature advanced sensor technology to ensure accurate temperature control and monitoring throughout the year. The highly precise sensors are efficient in consistently maintaining the desired temperature in every part of your home.

No matter if it is winter or summer, you can trust your AprilAire S86 Thermostat to offer an improved level of comfort and convenience.

2. IAQ and Wi-Fi Technology

The brand has currently released three thermostat models in the S86 Series- two Multi-Stage Universal models with IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and the standard Multi-Stage Universal model. The IAQ thermostats offer humidifier, dehumidifier, or ventilation controls.

Also, one of the two Multi-Stage Thermostats features Wi-Fi technology. So, homeowners can conveniently control the thermostat no matter where they are with the brand’s Healthy Air mobile app.

3. Touchscreen Interface

The intuitive touchscreen interface of the S86 ensures users can easily navigate through the settings and features of the device. The vibrant visuals and high-resolution display make schedule programming, temperature adjustments, and accessing other features a breeze.

Users no longer need to fidget with the buttons and knobs as the user-friendly touchscreen interface is super easy to use.

4. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency of the HVAC system is a vital consideration for homeowners. AprilAire too lays a significant emphasis on this area. As a result, the S86 Thermostats from the brand are equipped with advanced algorithms that analyze outside weather, system performance, and occupancy patterns to optimize energy consumption.

The thermostat can adjust the temperature settings automatically to reduce energy loss, offer savings through lower power bills, and also help the environment in the process.

5. Smart Home Integration

Smart home technologies are gaining widespread popularity across the country. As AprilAire products keep up with the latest trends, the new S86 Thermostats are compatible with a range of smart home solutions.

Homeowners can easily integrate the thermostat with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa to effortlessly control and manage the thermostat through voice commands and mobile apps.

6. Maintenance and Filter Replacement Reminders

Regular maintenance and filter replacement is essential for enhancing the working life of the HVAC system. More importantly, it is also crucial for indoor air quality. In this regard, the S86 Thermostats come with maintenance and filter replacement reminders.

The thermostats do this by monitoring HVAC system usage and prompting the homeowners to schedule maintenance or replace filters so that the system continues to deliver peak performance.

Is the New AprilAire S86 Thermostat Right for Your Home/Office?

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