How Do I Know If My HVAC System is Operating Safely?

How Do I Know If My HVAC System is Operating Safely?

Be it summer or winter, our HVAC systems run year-round to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. But just like other electric appliances, HVAC systems also go through the usual wear and tear and require repairs and replacements. But how will you know if your HVAC system is working safely? Well, there are a few telltale signs. Take a look-

#1 You’ve Recently Purchased a New HVAC System

If you’ve recently invested in a good quality HVAC system installed by professional HVAC technicians, like Beeson Mechanical Service, chances are it is working as expected, and there’s nothing to worry about.

Ensure that you follow basic maintenance, like changing filters, to ensure that it continues to deliver expected results. Also, don’t forget bi-yearly maintenance by HVAC technicians from Beeson for a more thorough tune-up.

#2 HVAC System is Not Making Any Noise

There is something wrong if your HVAC system makes banging, rattling, clanking, or hissing noises. The type of noise it is making can help a technician understand the problem. For instance, the hissing sound is common if there’s a leaky refrigerant line. Banging or rattling generally means that some internal component has come loose. But if your HVAC system is working silently without any noise, rest assured that there’s nothing wrong with the unit.

#3 No Delay in Reaching Desired Temperature

If you’ve been using the HVAC system for some time, you might know how long it takes for the system to reach and maintain your desired temperature. If the system is taking longer than before, it is possible that something is wrong.

You don’t need to worry if the HVAC system is cooling and heating your home just right, and there’s no frequent turning on/off to maintain the desired temperature.

#4 ergy Bill is the Same

If there’s an issue with the HVAC system, it’ll be required to work harder than before to deliver the desired cooling/heating results. And if the system needs to work harder, it’ll consume more energy. So, if you see that your energy bills are consistently rising, something may be wrong with your HVAC system.

However, if the energy bills are more or less the same, the HVAC system is probably working efficiently without any problems.

#5 Drain Line is Clean and Dry

Ice buildup on the drain line is a common problem with refrigerant leaks. Even if there’s no ice on the coil, but there’s liquid in the surrounding areas, it still can be a refrigerant leakage problem. It is recommended that you call a technician, from Beeson Mechanical Service, in such cases and don’t try to resolve the issue yourself.

If you’ve inspected the drain line and it is clean and dry, your HVAC system is working fine, and there’s no refrigerant leakage.

Know When to Call an HVAC Technician

Keep these points in mind to determine whether or not your HVAC system is operating safely. If there’s something wrong, it is almost always better to get in touch with a professional HVAC technician, at Beeson, at 317-535-9338.

Without proper knowledge and experience, it is very likely that you’ll make the problem worse, and it might then require a more expensive repair or replacement.