Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

If you’re looking for ways to add more comfort to the outdoor living space while also making it more attractive, an outdoor gas fireplace can help. With benefits like easy maintenance and clean-burning, these fireplaces are quickly gaining widespread popularity.

But what are these gas fireplaces? How do they work? Continue reading to find out.

What are Gas Fireplaces?

Compared to all the various types of outdoor fireplaces that commonly use wood or other solid fuel, gas fireplaces are very different. These fireplaces use gas as their fuel source. The gas could either be natural gas or liquified propane. Unlike other fireplaces, gas fireplaces can instantly initiate a fire without requiring you to wait for the wood to warm up.

These fireplaces can be turned on/off with a switch. A gas fireplace can be a great addition if you have a bigger outdoor living area as it can efficiently heat up larger areas. Another significant benefit of these fireplaces is they don’t produce any embers or ashes that you’ll have to clean up after every use.

How Do Gas Fireplaces Work?

Here’s a brief overview of how gas fireplaces work:

  • Gas fireplace needs to be connected to a gas source for functioning as they use gas as the fuel source
  • It’ll also need an electrical connection for the ignition system to work
  • The ignition system starts the initial flame
  • As the ignition system sparks the flame, the constant supply of gas through the source will light the flame in the main burner
  • The flame size or the heat output of the fireplace can be adjusted through the available controls
  • To improve the experience further, you can also place artificial media like coal or wooden logs under the flame
  • The system also features an internal air supply if it is a ventless or b-vent fireplace or an external supply if it is a direct vent model to feed oxygen and keep the flame burning
  • Simply turn the pilot flame off if it is an electric ignition model or turn off the main flame in standing light gas models to turn off the fireplace

What are the Major Advantages of a Gas Fireplace?

Here are some of the reasons to invest in a gas fireplace:

  • Longer Outdoor Season
  • As the flame or heat in a gas fireplace can be easily controlled, you can select a low setting just to create the right outdoor ambiance, even in the summer months.

  • Highly Functional
  • When not in use, some of the modern gas fireplaces can be covered to instantly convert them into a tabletop. Such multi-functional models can be great if you have a smaller patio.

  • Enhanced Safety
  • With a gas fireplace, you don’t have to worry about flying embers or sparks like wood-based fireplaces. As a result, you can also install the fireplace close to the furniture.

Gas Fireplace: An Aesthetic, Modern-World Marvel

As can be seen, using a gas fireplace is a fairly straightforward and safe process. In addition, the fireplace is cleaner than other types of fireplaces and requires minimal maintenance too.

If you’re looking for a fireplace for the outdoor space, consider investing in a high-quality gas fireplace to spruce up the aesthetics and enjoy the outdoors like never before. Contact Beeson Mechanical Service at 317-535-9338 for a FREE ESTIMATE!