Wi-Fi Thermostats and Their Benefits

Wi-Fi Thermostats and Their Benefits

Thanks to the advancements in mobile connectivity and the progress of the HVAC industry, we now have a new breed of thermostats- Wi-Fi Thermostats. These next-gen thermostats connect to the wireless internet connection of your home, allowing you to remotely change and check home temperature through a mobile or tablet app.

With their wireless programmability and a host of exciting features, these thermostats are gaining vast popularity among home and business owners. But are Wi-Fi thermostats right for you? Knowing their top benefits should help you make an informed decision.

Top Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostats

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider installing a Wi-Fi thermostat-

1. Lower Energy Bills

One of the top advantages of Wi-Fi thermostats is their ability to boost your savings. These smart thermostats can adjust the home temperature automatically based on whether you are home, away, or sleeping. In addition, many of the latest models can also analyze the preferred temperature pattern of your home to find opportunities to save energy.

You can also find Wi-Fi thermostats where individual temperature zones can be created and controlled to reduce your home's overall energy consumption. As per the Energy Star Program of EPA, internet-connected thermostats can help you save up to $180 a year.

2. Worry-Free Travel

If you’re a traveling enthusiast who lives in a colder area, it is essential to monitor the furnace when you are not home. If the furnace conks off when you’re away, it can endanger your pets and plants. Moreover, it can also cause devastating water damage and frozen pipes.

A Wi-Fi thermostat is an effective solution as it allows you to track and adjust the home temperature remotely. With just a few taps on your mobile phone, you can manage home temperature irrespective of where you are.

3. Comfort Like Never Before

It can be very annoying to keep adjusting the temperature of a traditional thermostat if you have a variable daily schedule. But Wi-Fi thermostats are different. They can detect your presence, learn your daily schedule, and calculate a setback pattern that aligns with your routine.

And if you ever want to adjust the temperature, simply open the mobile app and do the needful. With one less thing to take care of, these modern thermostats add a lot of comfort and convenience to your everyday life.

4. Temperature Accountability

With smart thermostats, you can also effortlessly track all the temperature adjustments made to the unit throughout the day. The mobile app connected to the thermostat records all the temperature adjustments to help you know if you have a sneaky family member or if someone from the family is making more effort to maintain a comfortable temperature at home.

Based on the records, you can set heating and cooling patterns that are more in line with the temperature requirements of your family members.

5. Maintenance Reminders

Another great thing about Wi-Fi thermostats is they offer maintenance reminders. For instance, while most of us know that we should regularly change the air filter, we often forget or delay it. But not anymore! You’ll receive such helpful reminders through the thermostat’s mobile app.

In the longer run, timely maintenance will increase the shelf-life of your heating and cooling system while also ensuring that it runs more efficiently.

Ready to Purchase a Wi-Fi Thermostat?

Wi-Fi thermostats have effectively resolved several issues related to traditional thermostats. If you’re planning to replace the traditional thermostat of your home with something that offers more comfort, convenience, and flexibility, a Wi-Fi thermostat definitely deserves your attention.

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