Top 4 Tips to Maintain Proper Ventilation in Your Home

Top 4 Tips to Maintain Proper Ventilation in Your Home

One of the basic ways to maintain comfort in the home is ventilation. Over time, your home’s indoor air will feel stale due to pollutants that come from the outside world. In addition, everyday activities (such as bathing and breathing) can increase indoor moisture levels, and in turn, result in mold if the home is not well-ventilated.

The “simple” solution would be to open the windows, but the problem is that most of today’s homes are sealed up due to the constant use of HVAC units. As a result, pollutants and virus particles will accumulate within the home where they will eventually affect your family’s health.

Fortunately, our HVAC professionals are here to provide you with several tips to maintain a well-ventilated home:

#1 Turn on the Fan

If your air conditioner is running, you should still consider turning on the ceiling fan. A ceiling fan improves the airflow within the home even when the windows aren’t open. If you can open even one window, be sure to place the fan near it, as this allows the fan to blow the virus particles out of your home.

Not many homeowners are aware that turning on the ceiling fan alongside their air conditioner can actually lower their energy costs. A ceiling fan “assists” the air conditioner in cooling the home, so you no longer need to run the latter at its strongest setting.

#2 Open the Windows

The no-brainer solution would be to open the doors and windows, but only if it’s safe to do so, and if you’re allowed to. Opening the doors and windows allows stale air to escape from the home and replaces it with fresh air. Do this for a few minutes a day to get rid of allergens, moisture, and more.

However, be sure to only open the doors that lead outdoors. Don’t open doors that lead to “dead ends” such as closets, pantries, and so on. If you open these doors, stale air will potentially end up in these sealed-up spaces.

#3 Dry Your Clothes Outside

If you tend to do the laundry indoors, know that it increases the risk of mold growth and prevents your HVAC from working effectively. It would be wiser to do your laundry outside and to air-dry your clothes in an outdoor area. This allows your clothes to dry without the risk of triggering mold growth within the home, which can be tricky to get rid of.

If you have no alternative and you really have to do your laundry indoors, open at least one window to allow the moisture to escape.

#4 Invest in a Home Ventilation System

The ideal way to ensure that your home is well-ventilated at all times is to install a whole-house ventilation system. A whole-house ventilation system uses a series of fans and vents to replace stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. It’s ideal for buttoned-up homes where opening the doors and windows would be an impossible solution.

Need Help With Home Ventilation?

Get in touch with your HVAC professional, Beeson Mechanical Service, at 317-535-9338, for more information on improving the ventilation in your home. Ventilation needs vary by home, so it’s best to consult the experts to determine the exact solution for yours.