Benefits of Purchasing an Extended HVAC Warranty

  • You can choose the warranty period. One of the advantages of purchasing an extended HVAC warranty is that you get to choose the warranty period according to your budget. You can benefit from expert services without breaking the bank. Typically, the coverage ranges from three to ten years after your basic warranty period.
  • It covers all expenses. Under the extended warranty agreement, parts and labor are already paid for. There are no hidden fees or deductibles. You save money on fees, like delivery or diagnostic charges, that some repair shops might charge you.
  • No limit on repairs. With an extended warranty, HVAC owners can rest easy knowing that unexpected system failures will be taken care of by trained technicians. If your unit breaks down months apart, you can have them looked at any time. The best part about the extended warranty is that you have access to 24/7 support.
  • It’s transferable. Planning on selling your home or office in the future? The extended warranty is transferable to the new owner. They can enjoy the remaining years of your warranty, hassle-free. This is a major plus for many homebuyers when viewing your property.

Get an extended HVAC warranty today

Your HVAC system is an essential appliance in your everyday life. Not only does it clean the air, but it also gives you comfortable, controlled temperature. But part of being an HVAC owner is being prepared for unexpected failures and maintenance. Now that you understand how beneficial buying an extended HVAC warranty can be, you can make a better decision the next time you buy a new system. Make sure you ask your HVAC professional for more information.