What are the benefits of a UV light for HVAC?

The benefits of a UV light for HVAC

Your HVAC system is the unit that keeps your home cool when needed and warm when it is too cold. There are a variety of HVAC systems available. You can buy units that are ducted or not ducted, as well as furnaces or heat pumps. They all have different benefits and weaknesses, but you should always focus on what is right for your home. Think about what the weather is like for most of the year, how many rooms you want to heat or cool, who is living in your home, and how big is the whole house. Answering some of these questions will help you make the right decision.

Once you have settled on which HVAC system you are going to choose, you can start to think about some extras for your system. One of the most popular extras is a UV light. A UV light is mounted on the inside of your HVAC unit as a tube light. The mount side then shines light onto the coil in the HVAC unit. Ultimately the main benefit of installing this is to improve the air quality in your home. In lots of places you will find that mold and different harmful bacteria can become airborne and will be circulated around your home in the HVAC system. However, if you install a UV light, the electromagnetic rays that come from the lamp will destroy any of these nasty organisms in your HVAC unit, so they won’t be moved around your home. This is a real benefit, as it can keep you reassured that your family will be kept safe and protected from nasty bacteria that could affect their health. The UV light works by stopping any buildup of organic material on the interior of the HVAC unit, so on the coils, pipes or ductwork, which means that any pathogens are killed. It is because of this that you can be happy that diseases will be prevented in your home.

As well as this main health benefit, there are some other great benefits to having a UV light in your HVAC. Firstly, it improves the airflow in your home. As the UV light destroys any bacteria or organic matter that may be building up inside your HVAC, it is kept cleaner. This means it doesn’t have to work as hard as it would if it was full of dirt. Therefore, the exchange and airflow mechanisms will work more efficiently and be improved. You will see a marked improvement in air quality and airflow in your home. The HVAC will now work at its best, making it as energy efficient as possible. This means your power consumption will go down, and the whole system will be much more energy efficient. What is even better is that this will save on your energy bills too! So, if you are thinking about installing a UV light in your HVAC, it is highly recommended as it can save your health and save you money!