The Importance of Keeping Your HVAC Flue Clean

The Importance of Keeping Your HVAC Flue Clean

HVACs Really Are One of the Best Inventions Ever

We all know what a lifesaver our HVAC system is. Whether we live in a hot or cold climate, having an HVAC system is always a huge plus. Not only do they keep us comfortable and happy in our own homes, they also keep our air quality at a decent level. That is why it is so important to regularly maintain them in order to keep them working in a tip-top condition. So many people neglect HVAC maintenance and then really regret it when the worst of the winter cold or the summer heat is upon them. Often a lack of regular maintenance can end up resulting in a much more costly repair bill at the last minute. One of the most important aspects of maintaining an HVAC is ensuring the flue is always clean. It is this particular aspect we are going to delve into in more detail in this post.

Keeping Our HVACs Well Maintained Is Very Important

If you don’t know what a flue or flue pipe even is, then let’s start with some flue-education. It is often the large silver pipe that you can see attached to your HVAC. It can also be PVC pipe. The small holes in this flue duct, if not well-maintained can leak harmful substances into your home. And if a problem gets really serious and there has been an utter lack of maintenance, you may see severe corrosion in your flue that will result in it needing to be completely replaced. As well as corrosion, there are some other common issues with not keeping the HVAC flue clean. Firstly, there can be issues around blockages. Various bits of debris can fall and block up the pipe, which will stop gases from escaping, and leaks can also get into the flue itself from the roof. With regular cleaning you can actually avoid a lot of these potential problems. Regularly cleaning your flue will remove any debris or blockages and clean out all of the essential connections in your HVAC unit.

Make Sure You Schedule Regular Checks for Your HVAC Flue

To make sure your HVAC flue is in the very best working order, you should have it checked every year. You may not be able to tell but it could be leaking or corroding, which can cause additional and extensive damage. When you do schedule a check, make sure a qualified professional is having a look at your HVAC flue. As well as annually, you should also schedule an inspection before you move into a new property and before you install a new HVAC system. If you still need some convincing that splashing out some money on cleaning your HVAC flue is needed, then imagine having no HVAC at all in the bitter cold winter, or the scalding hot summer months. When they come round and you don’t have a working HVAC system, you will really regret not maintaining your system better.