What is a dehumidifier

What is a dehumidifier?

Many people in older buildings know the horrific sight and smell of mold. The dampness of the building creates mold giving the rooms a musty smell. This dampness can usually be solved with a dehumidifier. Besides curing your mold problem, the device has other amazing benefits. We will discuss the benefits and how a dehumidifier generally works.

A dehumidifier acts like a vacuum sucking up the moisture. It intakes the air and moisture, then returns the air back to the room. The new air is course moisture free. There are many different types of dehumidifiers sold on the market. However, they operate by either refrigeration or by absorption and adsorption. In refrigeration, air is sucked in through the dehumidifier by an electric fan. Once the air enters, it goes through a coolant pipes which causes the moisture to turn into liquid. The water then drops in a storage area within the dehumidifier. The rest of the air moves on to pass through heated pipes. This returns the air to the original temperature. This warm air then circulates back out into the room.

Absorption and adsorption work in a different yet effective way. The main difference between this method and refrigeration is how they get rid of moisture. In Absorption and adsorption, the air moves past a rotating wheel that contains water absorbing material. Once the air is free a moisture, it passes through a hot air duct. The hot air is then released back into the room. Each type of dehumidifier varies by brand. If you decide to buy one, compare the amount of moisture they collect per hour.

A dehumidifier should be chosen depending on the size of your home and humidity level. For example, a smaller room will not require a larger capacity dehumidifier as the living room. There are different models sold that cater to different types of rooms. They even sell models that can be used for the entire house. You might need a dehumidifier for a number of reasons. Water stains, mold, and frequent condensation on windows are sure signs. Some people suffering from allergies might find a dehumidifier extremely helpful.

The benefits to a dehumidifier seem endless. They reduce humidity levels, mold and irritation in your skin, allergy symptoms, and energy cost. Humidity is great for bacteria and various allergens. This is why mold and dust mites are so numerous in these areas. It is dangerous not only for you, but your friends and families as well. Mold can live everywhere in a humid environment, even your clothes. A decrease in moisture will get rid of the mold and the smell that is associated. Another benefit is the ease of use and lack of noise. Some older AC’s are loud and irritating to hear. In contrast, a dehumidifier is as quiet as a mouse. You will never hear it and rarely see it because of the small size.