Humidity Control

Humidity Control

When it comes to humidity, it is very important to make sure that it remains consistent at the most optimum levels. Both excess as well as insufficiency of humidity may raise different kinds of health-related issues. Keeping that in view, Aprilaire has brought forward different types of solutions to help you take care of humidity related issues at your place. A few details regarding these solutions are discussed below for your better understanding.

Humidity is known to play a big role when it comes to the overall condition, energy efficiency, protection and comfort levels of your entire house. Different kinds of houses undergo different kinds of humidity related issues throughout different parts of a year. These issues are highly dependent upon the region you reside in, the time of the year as well as the overall activities of your entire family. In short, every house requires some help when it comes to maintaining the humidity at the most optimum levels. Aprilaire offers a variety of humidity control options that may turn out to be very handy when it comes to taking care of the dehumidification or humidification of your entire house.

Dry Air

Aprilaire offers dry air solutions to take care of a scenario in which the heat at your home ends up drying the air out. It may appear to be a pretty usual and unimportant thing while it actually is very important to ensure the health of all your family members; as it may introduce a number of unwanted symptoms, including dry eyes, increased flu and cold tendencies.

Excessive Humidity

Just like dry air, excessive humidity in your atmosphere may also turn out to be pretty devastating for the health of your entire family. Different kinds of daily routine activities, like doing laundry, cooking and even breathing may add up as many as 25 lbs. of moisture to your air on a daily basis. In addition to this, if you have crawl spaces and basements in your house, they have a tendency to become very damp and smelly as a result of higher levels of humidity. Aprilaire offers cure for excessively humid places as well.

Different kinds of humidifying as well as dehumidifying solutions are available for smaller portions of the house as well as for the whole place. You can choose any solution from the available options that seems to be the best choice according to your requirements.

Aprilaire Wi-Fi thermostat is a high-end product offered by Aprilaire in this regard. It allows you to take of all your air temperature and humidity control requirements very conveniently and efficiently. All you need is a smartphone or some other hand held devices, and you can easily control the entire air situation of your house by making a few touches on the device. It not only takes care of your air control requirements but also enables you to save money on account of electricity charges as well.