Should You Invest in a Smart Thermostat? 5 Benefits to Consider

Should You Invest in a Smart Thermostat? 5 Benefits to Consider

Should You Invest in a Smart Thermostat? 5 Benefits to Consider

1. Save Big on Energy Bills

Most homeowners invest in smart thermostats due to their energy-saving benefits. Not only can they automatically turn themselves on/off, but they can also be controlled remotely, allowing you to use your HVAC only when you actually need it.

According to Energy Star, you can simply cut your HVAC costs by about 8 percent by buying a smart thermostat! That means if your monthly energy bill is $150, you could save $12 each month – it may seem insignificant, but if you multiply that by 12, that’s $144 per year!

2. Control Temperature From Your Phone

Tweak your thermostat’s settings whenever, wherever. As long as you have a device with internet, you can turn your HVAC on/off and adjust the temperature with just one swipe of a finger. Forgot to turn off your HVAC? Don’t worry, you can switch it off with your device. That way, you can rest assured that your HVAC isn’t wasting energy while you’re away. Want to warm it up while you’re on your way home? You can turn on the heat so your home is at a comfortable temperature by the time you arrive.

3. Smart Thermostats Learn Your Patterns

One of the main benefits of smart thermostats is their ability to “learn” when someone is home. Not only do they have built-in movement sensors, but they’re also very intuitive. They take note of what times you tend to use a specific room and what temperature you prefer for each. This allows them to create a custom heating/cooling schedule based on your habits. This means you’ll no longer need to set the temperature each time, as your smart thermostat will automatically adapt to your preferences.

There are even some smart thermostats that can “count” the number of people present. For instance, if you’re throwing a party, your thermostat can consistently lower the temperature as more guests arrive.

4. Track Energy Consumption

With smart thermostats, you can track your energy consumption and see how much electricity you’re using in real time. Plus, they can create reports to show you how your energy usage has changed from month to month, which can be useful if you’re trying to be more eco-friendly. Furthermore, smart thermostats can generate data on things like what times you use energy the most, how long it takes to heat your home, etc.

5. Keep Your HVAC Running For Longer

HVACs aren’t cheap – in fact, a brand-new HVAC would cost you anywhere between $5,000 to $12,000! To make sure your HVAC continues to run optimally for years to come, consider investing in a smart thermostat. It can detect issues within your HVAC and notify you when it’s time to do maintenance, such as changing out the air filters, checking for leaks, tightening connections, etc. Awareness of your HVAC’s health is one of the best ways to prevent big (and costly) problems down the road.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Today’s thermostats aren’t just devices that allow you to tweak the temperature of your home. They’re smarter than ever before, with the ability to understand your household’s habits, connect to the internet to provide remote access, record real-time data on your consumption, and more.

If you’re ready to make the smart change, be sure to contact Beeson Mechanical Service at 317-535-9338. We’ll walk you through all of your options, match you with a model that’s compatible with your HVAC, and offer long-term solutions that align with your energy-saving goals. Count on our team of certified HVAC technicians to complete the installation swiftly, so you can experience the convenience of smart thermostats ASAP.