Are Humidifiers Really Necessary?

Is a Humidifier Really Necessary for My Home?

Bundling up in a cozy corner of the home is how most people cope with the frigid temperatures, snow, and dark days during the winter.

But while being indoors with the furnace running at full swing is highly comforting, there can be unwanted symptoms like nose bleeds, congestion, and dry skin. And the culprit often is dry air. But there’s a solution- humidifiers. Let’s take a look at what they are, their benefits, and whether they are really necessary for your home.

But, Why the Air is Dryer During Winter?

When the air is warmer, it can hold a higher amount of moisture. But during the winters, the colder outside air which enters our homes is low on moisture. In other words, the air has lower humidity during winters compared to summers.

While the furnace can help you have a more comfortable indoor temperature, it won’t add more moisture to the air. Due to low humidity, whatever little amount of moisture is in the surrounding is also sucked up by the air. Moreover, it also leads to faster evaporation of moisture from our bodies, leading to issues like parched nose, throat, and skin.

The Solution? Humidifiers

In simple words, humidifiers are devices that add humidity to the air through a constant stream of steam or water vapor.

But don’t confuse humidifiers with air purifiers. Air purifiers help in cleaning the indoor air, whereas, humidifiers are used for improving humidity levels. While humidifiers also improve air quality, they are not built to clean or purify the air.

Who Should Consider Installing a Humidifier?

Most people are generally unaware of the impact our environment, especially indoor air, can have on our general health. If the humidity level of the air is less than 40%-60%, it starts sucking moisture from our skin. And dehydrated skin appears duller and older.

Apart from dehydrated skin, humidifiers can also help you if you struggle with problems like-

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Dry throat
  • Congestion
  • Nose bleeds
  • Dry sinuses

Top Benefits of Humidifiers

Some of the top reasons why you should consider a humidifier for your home are as follows-

  • Cleaner Nasal Passages
  • During winters or if you live somewhere where the climate is mostly dry year-round, your mucous membranes get drier and thicker. As a result, they’re unable to perform their job of filtering stuff that enters your airways. The problem can be resolved to a great extent with the help of a humidifier.

  • Eased Allergy and Cold Symptoms
  • If the nasal passage is cleaner, you’ll also notice a significant drop in your cold and allergy symptoms. According to studies, humidity levels of 40%-60% considerably reduce the transmission of flu and other similar viruses. So, if you or your family members struggle with cold and allergies during winter, you should definitely consider installing a humidifier.

  • More Hydrated Skin
  • As the humidity level of the indoor air improves, the skin will remain more hydrated and refreshed. It’ll look even-textured, youthful, and less likely to breakout. Overall, installing a humidifier is an excellent way to give that extra care to your skin and immune system throughout the year, irrespective of the weather.

Always Trust Professionals for Humidifier Installation

Now that you know the reasons why a humidifier is necessary for your home, you should start comparing models to choose one at the earliest.

Compared to portable or standalone humidifiers that only work in individual rooms and require more maintenance, most homeowners prefer whole house humidifiers for their effectiveness, convenience, and cost-efficiency.

Whether you’re struggling with the selection or need professional humidifier installation services, Beeson Mechanical Service, Inc. can help. Reach out to us at 317-535-9338 for all the assistance you need.