6 Benefits of Having an HVAC Service Contract

6 Benefits of Having an HVAC Service Contract

An HVAC service contract ensures that your heating and cooling systems are in working condition year-round. However, some homeowners hesitate to secure the contract due to its price. Some HVAC companies charge around $150 to $500 a year, which isn’t exactly the cheapest price.

If you’re wondering if the cost of an HVAC service contract is worth it, you’re in the right place.

#1 Never Miss a Tune-Up

Your HVAC systems should be checked at least once a year. Taking note of this isn’t such a big deal… until you throw other tasks into the equation. If you’re having a hard time remembering when your appliances are due for their tune-up, consider having an HVAC service contract. Your HVAC company will schedule regular check-ups at the start of each season so you don’t have to.

#2 Detect Issues Early

Setting aside small issues can cause more damage to your appliances. For this reason, it is critical to catch problems early on. Taking preventive maintenance rather than reactive maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs. A trained HVAC technician will inspect your heating and cooling system’s connections, components, etc. to see if it needs attention. Remember, repairing is better than replacing the entire system. So, if you want to save thousands of dollars, you should purchase an HVAC service contract..

#3 Receive Priority Service

On a scorching summer day, the worst that could happen is to discover that your air conditioner won’t run. Unfortunately, this situation isn’t that uncommon. When this happens, too many people will call their maintenance contractor at once. If you have an HVAC service contract, you can “cut in line”. Plus, you’ll be able to benefit from round-the-clock emergency services. An HVAC professional will be available day or night.

#4 Help Your HVAC Last Longer

Your heating and cooling systems have an end date. For instance, air conditioners can last ten to twelve years assuming that they’re well-maintained. Since an HVAC service contract includes regular inspections, this can help your heating and cooling systems last as long as possible. By extending their expiration date, you can save yourself from spending thousands of dollars on replacements.

#5 Practice Energy Efficiency

A well-maintained HVAC system will run more efficiently. Chores such as changing air filters and cleaning burners can boost the combustion of your furnace. Similarly, cleaning the evaporator coils can help your air conditioner cool the home more effectively. These steps improve the energy efficiency of your appliances and, over time, they will translate to savings. Since your HVAC systems won’t have to work harder to heat or cool your home, you can decrease your energy consumption, and who doesn’t want that?

#6 Receive Discounts

It isn’t cheap to repair an HVAC unit. Aside from the cost of components, technicians can charge $150+ per hour for labor. Fortunately, you can save a substantial amount of money by securing an HVAC service contract. While not all parts will be included in the contract, you will receive discounts of around 10 percent


By having an HVAC service contract, you no longer have to be concerned about HVAC maintenance. Your HVAC company will take care of everything for you by scheduling routine tune-ups throughout the year. In addition, they’ll be ready to help you when you need them the most. Best of all, you can benefit from discounts that only customers with service contracts receive. Call Beeson Mechanical Service today at 317-535-9338 to sign up today!